St. Louis police chief candidate subject of internal investigati -

St. Louis police chief candidate subject of internal investigation

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A candidate for the next St. Louis police chief is accused of trying to prevent a robbery victim from pressing charges against her son by paying him $400.

Capt. Gwen Spicer, 54, is among 11 candidates interviewing this week to succeed Dan Isom as the next police chief. Isom retires at the end of the month. But she’s the only that has a disciplinary case pending against her.

The Internal Affairs recently recommended she be punished for conducted not fitting with a police officer. Spicer chose a police board trial to show she acted only as a mother and custodian for her son.

The trial is made up of evidence presented to a hearing officer, who will then make a recommendation to the five-member Board of Police Commissioners.

According to officials, Spicer during the August trial acknowledged her 21-year-old son, Scott Spicer, was using heroin with a friend inside a car in south St. Louis County in April 2011 when the friend overdosed.

Scott Spicer called for help then fled before police arrived.

Gwen Spicer said her son’s friend called her cellphone a few days later and said her son had stolen $400 and his cellphone while he was sleeping. He reported it to St. Louis County police.

Spicer said her son stated he borrowed $400 from his mother to pay back his friend from something that occurred in April 2011.

After the agreement, the friend agreed in documentation that her son would not be charged. Both men signed it. Gwen Spicer signed it as a witness.

A short time after, a St. Louis County police officer called Scott Spicer to ask him about a previous incident. Gwen Spicer said she supported her son because that detective did not keep his promise to not charge Scott Spicer for a 2009 methamphetamine charge if her son helped with an investigation.

The detective asked about the friend’s missing money and Gwen Spicer showed him the note. The officer then copied the note and the FBI showed it to city police’s Internal Affairs unit.


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