Officials: 3 employee theft cases all have common thread -

Officials: 3 employee theft cases all have common thread

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

ST. LOUIS ( –Workplace thefts aren’t uncommon, but during the holidays, authorities say they become a lot more prevalent. News 4 is tracking a trio of employee theft charges Wednesday.

Police say the common thread with all three crimes is they were all by workers put in a position of trust who mistakenly thought they could hide their crimes.

The 26-year-old Sam’s employee worked at the return counter and reportedly thought she could hide her crime in the flood of merchandise returned around the holidays.

“Anytime you see these types of internal embezzlement you need volume and volume breeds opportunity of you will,”said Richard Callahan, U.S. Attorney for Eastern Missouri.

Investigators say the worker faked returns and then put the money on gift cards which she then kept. According to police, she did this over 100 times, netting over $22,000.

Authorities say a second commonality is employees identifying and taking advantage of a lack of good oversite or accounting.

A manager at a mcdonalds in Jerseyville is charged with writing paychecks to former employees and cashing the checks herself, stealing tens of thousands of dollars.

And in St. Charles, a Golden Corral manager is accused of pretending to take the day’s deposit to the bank and stealing it instead

“The story he told us was that he made the deposit, was taking it to the bank and somewhere between the restaurant and bank which is approximately a block and a half, he lost the deposit,” said St. Charles Police Sergant Todd Wilson.

While Richard Callahan says there’s no limit to the amount of ways internal theft can happen, it is rarely a sustainable crime.

“Eventually in these schemes, the paper trail is going to catch up with the individual,” he said. 

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