Bradford coming up big late in games -

Bradford coming up big late in games

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- In baseball, every team has a closer that gets handed the ball in the final inning to shut down the other team for the win.  In football, it’s usually the elite quarterbacks known to be able to lead a drive down the field for the win.

The names Tom Brady and Peyton Manning come to mind when thinking of quarterbacks who can lead a team down the field with their backs are against the wall at any given moment. 

Sam Bradford might be making a case for himself to be added to the list of great closers in the NFL after leading another late drive to give the Rams a victory over the Bills on Sunday.

“I think he’s had three this year,” Jeff Fisher said.  “You saw the tight throws, the tough throws.  The throw he made to Lance (Kendricks) was pretty impressive.  For Lance to make that catch, then of course, the one he got to (Brandon Gibson) on the sideline where he broke free and stepped out of bounds, stopped the clock.  He works on it, he’s very accurate.”

For Bradford, the big plays that have come at the end of games this season compared to previous seasons can be attributed to the team’s demeanor.

“I think it’s just the attitude of this team and this offense,” Bradford said.  “I’ve said it all year, there’s just such a difference in the locker room both during the week at practice and then in the locker room before games on Sundays.  The attitude is just different.”

The attitude also may come from a mutual trust between Bradford and his receivers, who have come up with impressive catches at the most opportune time in recent games.

“There’s a reason he has a ‘C’ on his chest,” Brandon Gibson said.  “He’s the guy that is special, number one draft pick, and has all the talent in the world and we believe in him. 

“You guys see these plays he makes, you know you guys see him as far as from the stands, but we see it from a different level as far as coach’s film with him throwing with people in his face and making checks and reads.  He is just an unbelievable talent and I think he will get better each and every week.”

Gibson was on the receiving end of a 13-yard touchdown catch thrown by Bradford with 48 seconds left in last week’s 15-12 victory over the Bills.

Ideally, it isn’t always how you want to win games, but as long as you are doing it then I’m sure no one will complain.

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