Metro East assistant police chief facing federal charges -

Metro East assistant police chief facing federal charges

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CENTREVILLE, Ill. ( – The Assistant Police Chief in Centreville, Illinois has been charged with making false statements to federal law enforcement officers during an investigation involving an illegal gun sale.

Corey Allen, 31, was charged by a federal grand jury on Tuesday. The charges allege that on November 30th this year, agents interviewed Allen and asked him whether he supplied an individual with a firearm. Allen stated he did not and claimed he had no idea where the individual got the gun.

Allen further stated that prior to October 11th, he had never seen the gun in question before, when, according to authorities, Allen previously possessed the firearm and had sold it to the individual for $100 on May 3rd. Allen did this allegedly knowing the individual was a felon.

“While it is never pleasant to prosecute a police officer, it is only by holding all law enforcement to the highest standards of conduct that I can assure the citizens of Southern Illinois that they should have confidence and trust in their officers,” noted United States Attorney Stephen Wigginton.

If found guilty of making false statements, Allen faces up to five years in imprisonment, a $250,000 fine and up to three years of supervised release.

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