Girl, 14, with burglary tools in backpack caught trying to break into home -

Girl, 14, with burglary tools in backpack caught trying to break into home

HOUSTON — A 14-year-old girl was taken into custody Monday after she was caught attempting to burglarize a home in northwest Houston, according to police.

A neighbor noticed a person in a hooded sweatshirt knocking on doors and peeking into several homes in a Houston subdivision around 9 a.m. The neighbor called 911 after seeing the person trying to break into one of the homes, according to police.

“We’ve had a lot of burglaries here, and I saw the person go into the yard on the other side so I thought I would take the initiative and call police,” Michael Grosse, a neighbor, said. “And when I called them, she was around the corner trying to break into that house there.”

Police arrived and detained the suspect. They were shocked to learn that the suspect was a teen girl with what appeared to be burglary tools, including knives and screwdrivers, in her backpack.

“That’s sad. Where’s the parents in all this,” Grosse said. “Fourteen years old. I can’t even imagine my boys being that age and doing that.”

In neighboring Inwood Pine, it is same story, just a different subdivision.

“It’s normal for around here,” Dale Singletary, resident, said. “They actually broke in my house before. Through my garage and stole a lot of items. They broke in a house one street over from me last year and actually killed a man. They were in his house when he got home and murdered him in his garage.”

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