South St. Louis residents and Alderman call for more police, say -

South St. Louis residents and Alderman call for more police, say they feel unsafe

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

ST. LOUIS ( -- A string of robberies in a south St. Louis neighborhood has local leaders demanding action.

On Saturday, employees at a local Subway shop were robbed at gunpoint by a suspect who is still at large. It was the second time in a month workers at the location had been through a gunpoint robbery. According to authorities, the same suspect was responsible for both robberies.

South St. Louis seems to be a recent target for thieves, and city leaders say they are dedicated to reducing the crime.

“Bad guys are like cockroaches,” said Eight Ward Alderman Stephen Conway. “You turn on the lights they’ll go somewhere else.  We’d rather them go somewhere else and make it uncomfortable in this area on Grand to committ any crime.”

Alderman Conway presides over an area that has recently seen some of St. Louis’ most violent crimes. Residents have noticed the trend, and are asking for more help from police.

“It’s dangerous and there should be more police officers and patrols because it is sad it happened twice,” said resident Brahndi Bryant.

Alderman Conway says hes requested more officers to fight crime, and he is working with police to make it difficult for criminals to avoid officer.

“One thing that we do as a proactive, preventative thing is we actually park cars-some empty some out on foot so criminals dont know exactly where police are at any given time.”

Despite a rash of recent crimes, police insist crime in the area-better known as the Shaw neighborhood- is down.

According to authorities, overall crime is down more than 30 percent from this time last year.

But statistics aren’t enough for Bryant. She says it’s becoming harder and harder to feel save.

“Sometimes I’m scared to come outside and get in the car and come to work cause I have to be at work at 6:45 in the morning,” she said.

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