An NFL without kickoffs? It could happen -

An NFL without kickoffs? It could happen

(FootballStL) -- There are murmurs spreading throughout the NFL like wildfires after Roger Goodell, the league’s commissioner, gave an interesting idea on how to make the game of football safer: eliminate kickoffs.

The idea was first published by TIME in a cover profile of Goodell.  The magazine details a discussion between Goodell and Rich McKay, head of the NFL’s competition committee, that it was allowed to sit in on for the article.

The article states that Goodell brought up a proposal made by Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano which states that after a touchdown or field goal, a team would get the ball on its own 30-yard line instead of kicking off.  It would be fourth-and-15 for the team, and the options are to either go for it and try to keep possession or punt.

The punt would serve as a kickoff in a way, but would less susceptible to violent collisions.

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, a member of the competition committee, believes the issue will be addressed when the committee meets at the end of the season.

“There has been a lot of different things that have come up,” Fisher said.  “Obviously, if you look at what we’ve done with the kickoff when we moved it up from the thirty (yard line) to the thirty-five (yard line) we haven’t had, well, the injury numbers have gone down significantly since the move two years ago.

“It is an exciting part of the game, but it is, from an injury standpoint, the injury rate per play is highest on the kickoff.”

Many fans have taken to message boards to disagree with the possible rule change.  Would you like to see this rule be allowed?  What’s your idea to make the game safer for players?  Send us a tweet to @FootballStL.

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