Tons: Mizzou should hire Petrino to lead offense -

Tons: Mizzou should hire Petrino to lead offense

COLUMBIA, Mo. (Missouri Football App) -- Many Missouri football fans have speculated whom the team should hire as offensive coordinator after longtime coach David Yost resigned on December 3.  Several names have been tossed around for the position including successful coaches at smaller, less-known schools and also from coaches already on head coach Gary Pinkel’s staff with a promotion.

It may be a bit of a stretch, but the Tigers should give a look to former Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino.  Petrino’s has not been in the good graces of many people over the last 8 months after getting in a motorcycle accident that led to more media attention than just the accident.  It was found that Petrino was on the motorcycle with an Arkansas volleyball player whom he was having an adulterous relationship with.  In the end, Petrino was fired from his head coaching position at Arkansas and has been away from college football this season to make things right with his family.

Despite the off-field issues that are now over, it’s unknown if Petrino would like to get back to coaching in 2013.  It would be wise for the Missouri Tigers to at least give him a call and see if he’d like to help a still-new Southeastern Conference team that struggled on offense last year.

The only negative I can possibly imagine happening is the small amounts of negative press.  I’m not agreeing or supporting Petrino’s off-the-field issues, but the guy knows how to coach.

While coaching at Nevada in 1994, he served as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.  That offense was second in the nation in both total offense and passing offense, and third in scoring offense.

When Petrino moved to be the offensive coordinator at Louisville in 1998, they were the top-ranked team in Division I-A in total offense and scoring.

As the head coach of Arkansas the Razorbacks went 34-17 overall and 17-15 in the SEC between 2008-2011 seasons.  This guy knows how to handle an SEC team.

With Petrino as the offensive coordinator, there’d be a chance for change in offensive style. Petrino could possibly change the standard, spread-style Pinkel offense at Mizzou to a more pro-style offense that a majority of powerful teams use in the SEC.

He would also help recruiting due to his status as a “big name”.  Overall, Petrino would improve Missouri’s “feel” and bring a more SEC-look to the team.

Additionally, I think Pinkel is having a tremendously successful time here at Mizzou and hope that continues.  After a 5-7 record overall and 2-6 record in the SEC in 2012, if things don’t get any better against teams from this conference in 2013, a change may need to be made.  If the offense struggles to perform in 2013 with Pinkel’s spread-style offense, people will be asking for a coaching change.

So in the case that Petrino gets offered the offensive coordinator position and accepts the job, barring any huge setbacks, Petrino could be an option at head coach should Pinkel struggle again in 2013.

This scenario is a long shot but is nice to consider.  Bobby Petrino has a knack for producing quality results when it comes to college football offenses.  Let’s hope Missouri announces a new offensive coordinator soon.

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