St. Louis County woman suspicious after random check arrives in mailbox -

St. Louis County woman suspicious after random check arrives in mailbox

ST. LOUIS ( -- After a huge check landed in a News 4 viewer’s mailbox, she called the station with some questions. She was suspicious since she didn’t ask for it, and says she didn’t do anything to deserve it.

“Nobody sends you $1,800 and change out of the blue for nothing,” Judy Kirk said.

Kirk fears the company is preying on people who need extra money for the holidays.

Kirk got a check for $1,800 along with a letter saying she was accepted as a mystery shopper, though she never applied to be one.

The check came in a plain white envelope with no return address.  The letter is from a company called Last Foro Insure Inc.  It has an address in Anaheim, California, but the company is not registered with the California Secretary of State, the Better Business Bureau has no record of it, and no one answers the phone number listed on the letter.

“Looking over it, it just didn’t make any sense.  I had no idea who this company was, I never heard of them, and I went on the internet to their supposed website, but it didn’t exist,” Kirk said.  “The check is drawn on Chase Manhattan, but anybody with a laser printer can print up a check for any balance.”

The letter asks these so-called mystery shoppers to go online and enter information.  The Better Business Bureau warns that is where people might run into trouble.  The BBB has issued warnings across the country and in St. Louis about mystery shopper programs. 

While some are legitimate, the BBB says it’s program that’s too easy for scammers to copy.


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