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Rams ready for harsh weather in Buffalo

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- Four months ago I took a glance at the Rams schedule and I was scrolling down the list of games when a sudden chill rushed down my body. 

That is when I had to stop to make sure that I read “at” for the game on December 9 against the Bills.  “At” meaning not in St. Louis, but instead in Buffalo, New York.  Brrr...

A fifty percent chance of rain with a high of 38 degrees doesn’t sound too great for a guy like myself, but I get the sense that it won’t faze the Rams after speaking to several players on Wednesday.

“It will be awesome,” Chris Long said.  “I hope it’s snowing.  I like cold weather games.”

Long also said he doesn’t plan on wearing long sleeves for the game.

The hero of last week’s win over the 49ers, Greg Zuerlein, says he will make sure to stay active to keep warm so he can avoid pulling a muscle from the cold weather.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey said the conditions will be “ideal” for the game on Sunday.  The team’s quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, believes that the harsh conditions is something his team needs to take advantage of.

“I think everybody understands how it works, but at the same time we have to do it more often than most people,” Fitzpatrick said.  “I think for us we have to make it an advantage.  We have to make sure when we get to home games in December and it is windy, rainy or snowy that we are using it to our advantage.

“As a quarterback, I do not know if you wish for those types of games where it is going to be a lot more running and tough conditions, but I think as a team that is something that gets us going a little bit because we feel like that is our kind of weather and our brand of football.”

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