Tech Check: Vote now to keep your right to vote on Facebook -

Tech Check: Vote now to keep your right to vote on Facebook

Americans went back to the polls this week but not because of politics. It’s all about proposed changes to Facebook.

As part of its Facebook Governance program, the website launched a poll this week asking its users if it’s okay to adopt policy changes that include getting rid of polling users about changes. Confusing right?

In short, Facebook is pushing to get rid of a policy they implemented in 2009. For the last couple years, the social network has allowed users to vote on proposed changes.

Some of these changes are considered to be very important and relate to data sharing. For instance, should a photo you post to your Timeline stay visible to Facebook friends who shared it even if you later remove it?

In a video webchat with users on Tuesday, Facebook execs said its voting system can be tampered with and only offers quantitative rather than qualitative input. Instead of voting, Facebook wants to allow users to give their advice and input on proposed changes.

The vote is now a couple days underway, and for now, the answer is clear: users do not want to lose their ability to vote. About 90 percent of voters said they want to keep the policy the way it is now.

The only problem is, that same Facebook policy says in order for the vote to count, there has to be a 30-percent turnout. That means 300 milllion users have to vote, which isn’t likely to happen. The voting ends Monday at 2 p.m. Central time.

>> Click here for the Facebook Governance website
>> Click here to vote now

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