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Ferguson man says he wrongly received $100 red-light camera ticket

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV) – A Ferguson man contacted News 4 after he says he wrongly received a red-light camera ticket.


MoDOT recently made changes to the intersection of New Halls Ferry and Interstate 270 after drivers complained they could not see cars coming down New Halls Ferry Rd.

A driver who contacted News 4 said he received a $100 ticket in August because he crossed the line. But he said he had to cross the line in order to see if it was clear to turn right.

Last week, MoDOT moved the line eight feet closer to the intersection.

Tom Jackson with the Ferguson Police Department said they request MoDOT to move the line further up because of the vantage point.

But drivers are still expected to stop at the line for a few seconds before turning right, as the red-light camera will nab drivers who roll through.

Ralph Holloway, the man who received a ticket, says he feels like he should not have to pay it given the fact the lines were re-painted.

But Jackson said regardless of the lines being re-striped, drivers were still expected to pay their tickets.


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