Lake St. Louis police stepping up patrols for holiday season -

Lake St. Louis police stepping up patrols for holiday season

LAKE ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A recent string of burglaries has Lake St. Louis police stepping up their patrols as another busy shopping weekend approaches.


Lake St. Louis Police Chief Mike Force said an increase in police presence will be a good thing for shopper and a message to crooks that they are not welcome.

“We’d been hit several times by the same group, cops kind of get tired of that,” said Force.

The group of six suspects Force referred to returned to Von Maur about two weeks ago, but his officers were ready. It took two different car chases, a foot pursuit and the use of a Taser, but they got them.

“We are in between two major highways,” he said. “It’s very easy for criminals to hop off the highway, go steal something and quickly get back on the highway and be out of the area in no time.”

Force is now increasing patrols, like many of the shopping districts in St. Charles County with the same easy access to major interstates and plenty of big box stores to choose from.

“People get the layouts down pat and they know they’re busy, they know they’re short on help, looking for those types of things and they take advantage of that,” said Force.

Force said the best advice for shoppers is to be smart, be aware.

But for thieves shopping for targets?

“If you come out to this area we’re going to be looking at you so find someplace else to go if you’re going to be stealing,” Force.


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