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Opinions mixed on violent gas station confrontation caught on video

HOUSTON – Many opinions have been shared since a southeast Houston Valero store owner released surveillance video of a violent confrontation between a clerk and a customer.

Alexander Calloway, 21, and his two cousins were trying to enter the gas station on Martin Luther King and Belarbor around 3:30 a.m. Monday, but the store was locked. The young men got into an argument with the clerk, who unlocked his door and came outside, police said. 

The video shows Calloway punch the clerk in the face and the clerk pulling out his gun and shooting Calloway in the stomach, according to HPD.

Calloway’s cousins rushed him to a fire station on Cullen at Selinsky, and paramedics transported him to Ben Taub Hospital in critical condition. 

“I seen that on TV.  Yean, and the man knocked the  sh** out of him,” one person said.

Another man said the shooting was justified.

“Yeah.  He hit him.  He hit him.  He hit him.  He should have killed the (expletive).  That’s what he should have done,” he said.

Carolyn Arceneaux disagreed.

“He hit him, like self defense, but to shoot him—I don’t think that was necessary,” she said.

We showed a portion of the video to our legal analyst Gerald Treece. Treece said it’s not a question of whether it was necessary.

“The real question is before he shot this man, was he in reasonable fear for his own safety.  And was he in reasonable fear that a crime was about to happen in his store,” he said.

It’s worth noting, the same store clerk was shot in the leg during a holdup last year, which was also captured on surveillance video.


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