Mother frustrated at school for constantly losing her six-year-o -

Mother frustrated at school for constantly losing her six-year-old son

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( – A mother is frustrated at officials with Larimore Elementary School after she says the school lost her son four different times.

“He ended up on the bus, the furthest bus, from the school,” said Azoria Moralez. “They ended up finding him [and] my mother had to call the police.”

Moralez says the school has continually placed her six-year-old son on wrong buses ever since he was in kindergarten. He's now in the first grade and she says they are still doing it. Moralez doesn't understand how this keeps happening since they live extremely close to the school.

“You can look out my other window and see the school. That's how close we are,” Moralez said. “I don't know who to talk to with to get him transferred. No one is returning my calls."

News 4 reached out to officials in the school district. A spokesman for the district said, “The District has and continues to investigate this situation. The student boarded the correct bus, but the driver drove the route incorrectly. We are working with the family to make sure this does not occur again.”

Moralez has pulled her son out of the school, but may face legal repercussions for that decision. “I got a letter talking about how they're going to take me to family court if I don't take him back to school,” Moralez said. “Take me to court because he's not going back.”

Azoria says she has begun tutoring her son so he doesn't fall behind.

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