Charges dropped against local teen accused of threatening to sho -

Charges dropped against local teen accused of threatening to shoot up school

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) – A 17-year-old boy accused of plotting to shoot up Troy Buchanan High School is no longer facing charges.

Lincoln County prosecutor Leah Askey said Monday she had dismissed the case against Blaine Michael Erp, who was scheduled to go on trial in Callaway County on Wednesday.

According to Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney Leah Asky, the decision to drop charges was based in part on the fact prosecutors wanted to protect other children.

“Do I believe probable cause existed at the time to issue the charges? Yes.  Subsequently, I offered Mr. Erp deferred prosecution pending the completion of many requirements,” Asky said.

Askey said if Erp doesn’t meet the requirements, she could refile charges anytime in the next three years.

Police said Erp last September threatened to kill his family, and then bring multiple guns to Troy Buchanan High School and open fire.

His girlfriend said he showed her three loaded handguns and assault rifle he planned to use in the shooting. The girl said he named specific students he planned to target in the attack.

After the girl alerted authorities, Troy Buchanan High School, Troy Middle School and New Horizons High School were placed on lockdown while officers investigated.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies and Troy City police officers went to New Horizons and Troy Buchanan and determined the suspect was not at either school.

They eventually reached Erp by phone and told him to turn himself in. He was later taken into custody near the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

In her statement to police, Erp’s girlfriend said he was heavily involved in synthetic drug use, and she had seen him hurt himself on several occasions because he “liked the pain.”

In another statement made to authorities, one of Erp’s best friends confirmed the drug use, saying Erp used synthetic drugs “every other day at least.”

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