Customers pay Belleville energy company for jobs that were never -

Customers pay Belleville energy company for jobs that were never done

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – News 4 tracked down a contractor who has been accused of avoiding customers who paid for work that never happened.

Customers have been calling the Better Business Bureau for months after the A-1 Energy Company in Belleville never followed through on installing solar panels.

Greg Voelkel hired A-1 Energy to install the solar panels on his Alhambra home.

“We’re very into energy efficiency. We have high efficient windows.” Voelkel said.

He paid more than $26,000 in December and doesn’t have anything to show for it.

“Every day that went by, even weeks would go by, we’d check in with the company. They’d say well, there’s another job to do or the weather’s bad and that’s if I could get a hold of them,” Voelkel said.

Homeowners in Illinois and Missouri have come forward to say A-1 Energy has left them high and dry.

News 4 went to the company’s president Jason Hark at his Swansea home.

“Honestly, we placed a lot of trust in some of our employees and it didn’t work out too well. They’ll get the work done, we’re just going through a real lean time right now to make sure we can fulfill those contracts,” Hark said.

He apologized but for some that wasn’t enough.

Voelkel said “at this point, I just want my money back.”

News 4 will continue to monitor this situation and make sure Hark and A-1 Energy makes good on these contracts. 

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