Website offering restaurant coupons that are no good? -

Website offering restaurant coupons that are no good?

( - A local restaurant said several customers tried to use coupons from that are not valid.

News 4 followed up on a story from Sunday night after several customers attempted to use coupons from a website that turned out to be invalid. 

Those who have online coupons for Miami Grill, will be able to exchange those for another restaurant. 

The website, placed coupons for this location on their site without the permission from the restaurant owners. 

A spokesperson for the website tells News 4, Miami Grill was removed from the site on Monday. 

If you do have a coupon from the site, they ask that you call the website to exchange it for a coupon for another restaurant. 

On Sunday, the owners contacted News 4 claiming they were not supposed to be on the site and therefore had to turn customers with coupons away. 

A website spokesperson said this was nothing more than a communication error and the coupons for other restaurants are good. 

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