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Riders: St. Louis a street stunt capitol for motorcycles

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller
By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller
By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

(KMOV) -- A newly released YouTube video says St. Louis is the street stunt capitol for motorcycles. But it's a designation that some say is putting regular drivers in a lot of danger.
In the pre-produced video posted this week to YouTube, riders pull dozens of dangerous stunts: legs up, letting go, always zipping at high speeds along streets with other travelers, sometimes sliding in between other cars.

News 4 spoke with some of these “stunters," and they said it's happening all over the St. Louis area.
"I would spend all day writing these guys tickets after I put handcuffs on them and put them in jail,” said St. Louis County Police Lt. Randy Vaughn.
Lt. Vaughn told us the stunts are not only illegal, they’re potentially lethal.
"You think this could endanger the public?” asked News 4's Lauren Trager. 

“It clearly is a situation that could endanger the public,” Vaughn said.
Stunts like these aren't new to St. Louis. Last year, SkyZoom 4 captured footaged of thousands of bikers for what was called the “Ride of the Century.”
Officers worked accidents and arrested at least 32 riders. Police also watched from above, then blocked their way.
But not everyone thinks these stunts are a bad thing.
"If you keep it in a safe place, I think it's cool,” said Barry Guzman.
He’s a “stunter” who doesn't see a problem in some circumstances.
"You say it's a rush to you, but do you think it's worth the risk?” Trager asked.

“I mean, not in public, but if you are somewhere safe and you hurt yourself, it's your life,” Guzman said.
But others downtown said “street stunting” isn't what they want the St. Louis area known for.
"I'm concerned on the impression it might have on our youth, they might duplicate that,” said Andrew Rembret.
Police told us it's not easy to catch these street "stunters" in the act.
But officers added the more videos they post, the better. That way officers can target the streets the “stunters” often ride, ticket them and possibly take them to jail.

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