St. Louis City officials enforce new security measures with park -

St. Louis City officials enforce new security measures with parking

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – News 4 realizes many St. Louisans are going to be coming downtown this weekend for the Independence Day festivities.  Police have been telling us they are beefing up patrols to keep you safe, but what about your car?

 Breaking into cars is one of the most common crimes in the city. This is the second year the city will be enforcing stricter parking regulations. They require all lots to have a parking attendant for major events like Fair St Louis.

St. Louis City Police Chief Sam Dotson says, “If there’s not an attendant and somebody’s collecting money, be a little skeptical about it.  Park in well-lit lots, walk in groups, but police will be circulating through downtown checking lots and structures.”

 It’s an increased effort to make criminals stay away from your car. You’ll see some lots with multiple attendants and others with security cameras.

Not only will downtown lots have to have an attendant during a major event; those attendants must stay there until the event is over.

Police are also asking if you have valuables; don’t leave them in your car where a criminal can see them.

“If you have your purse, have your laptop or any valuable, before your arrive make sure they’re in the trunk and that people don’t see you putting them away.”

If a parking lot is caught without an attendant, the city will fine the owner of that lot.

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