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Fair St. Louis vendors must pass inspection by City Health Department

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – City health inspectors will be on hand, going from booth to booth checking out each vendor during the Fair St. Louis festivities.

These restaurants on wheels do not get special treatment when it comes to health codes and rules.

News 4’s Chris Stanford got a first-hand look at what inspectors look for as they checked out the fair.

The inspector told Stanford that they bust vendors for not having a place to wash their hands more than any other violation.

To legally serve food at the fair, vendors have to get approval from a city health inspector.

The inspectors show up unannounced and check for cleanliness and that raw meat is cooked to the proper temperature.

Several health inspectors monitor about 40 vendors and after the initial check, they stop back to make sure nothing’s changed.

If they are caught breaking the rules, the vendor is shut down until the problem is fixed.

“We don’t want anybody getting sick, that’s the goal. We want to keep everybody happy and healthy at the fair.”

Food inspectors at the fair say about once a year they find a violation and it is usually a new vendor that may not know the rules. 

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