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Buckle employee accused of stealing $10,000 from Galleria store

(KMOV) – A former employee of The Buckle is accused of helping steal thousands of dollars from the company’s store at the St. Louis Galleria earlier this year.

Kelvin Nelson, 21, was charged Friday with second-degree burglary and stealing over $500.

According to court documents, Nelson took the keys to the store and gave them to an accomplice who stole more than $10,000 from the business on Feb. 11, 2013.

Police said Nelson acted as the getaway driver then shortly returned to the Galleria for a meeting at the store. Nelson returned the keys to a back room after sneaking by security officers.

According to police, Nelson was one of three people with access to the keys and who knew the combination of the safe.

Authorities said the other two employees were cleared of the crime. They said Nelson had a motive because he was demoted only a few weeks before and had been acting strange in the day or two leading up to the crime.

He was arrested and his bond was set at $10,000.

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