Normandy selects Francis Howell to transport students for accred -

Normandy selects Francis Howell to transport students for accredited education

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – The Missouri Supreme Court ruled that local students who are currently enrolled in an unaccredited school district may elect to attend an accredited school in the same county.

Two unaccredited schools, Normandy and Riverview Gardens must choose at least one district to which they will provide transportation to for those students wishing to attend that accredited school district.

On June 28, Normandy selected Francis Howell School District as the accredited school in which they will transport their students to.

In a letter sent home to Francis Howell students and parents, the families of those Normandy students wishing to attend an accredited school may select other districts but transportation will then become the responsibility of the parent.

At the time the letter was sent home, Riverview Gardens had not selected a district in which it will transport students.

Francis Howell School District is determining the implications of the decisions, and is working to create new policy, processes and guidelines that comply with the requirements of the law as stated in the letter.

Those students wishing to attend an accredited school must apply through their current school starting on July 8.

In August, the school districts that could receive students per the statute requirements will come together and place students in the district of their choice. According to Francis Howell officials, families will be contacted on August 5 regarding the student’s placement.

Classes begin on August 8 for the Francis Howell School District.

Francis Howell school officials say changes in class sizes due to transfer students may lead to additional staff. They currently have approximately 17,200 students but say there is space in some of the district’s buildings to accommodate additional students. 

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