Vaughn: Time for designated hitter in National League -

Vaughn: Time for designated hitter in National League

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By Scott Bierman By Scott Bierman

(BaseballStL) -- To DH, or not to DH? That is the question. It's a topic that's been widely debated since the designated hitter was adopted by the American League in 1973.  Purist lose sleep worrying that someday the National League will also add the DH. I think it's time they do it.

As a fan, I find nothing terribly interesting about watching a pitcher hit. I understand the strategy involved in trying to force a team to pinch hit late in the game so a pitcher has to be taken out. Still, I would sacrifice that for the chance to watch a good hitter bat four or five times.

Matt Adams is a perfect example on the Cardinals. If the DH was used in the National League, Adams would likely get the lion's share of the work. Adams has only 97 at bats this year, but he's hit 6 home runs and is batting .320. He smacked two homeruns in Saturday night's win at Oakland. If he played every night he'd probably be a 20 home run, 85 RBI kind of power hitter.

Isn't it more entertaining to watch him swing for the fences than to see a pitcher flail away and look almost hopeless at the plate for his two or three at bats? You can have your late inning pinch hitter strategy. I'd rather see an entire game of the best hitters in the line-up.

There has been much talk of the National League possibly adopting the designated hitter very soon. I hope they do it. It'd be good for the Cardinals, and it'd make for more interesting baseball.

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