Lance Armstrong: Seven Tour wins 'impossible' without doping -

Lance Armstrong: Seven Tour wins 'impossible' without doping

Lance Armstrong sure knows how to rain on a parade.

With the 100th Tour de France just a day away, the disgraced cyclist had some choice quotes for French newspaper Le Monde. Namely, Armstrong admitted he wouldn't have won his Tour de France titles without doping, yet he still considers himself the record-holder for Tour wins.

Armstrong's seven titles were stripped last year after he tested positive for banned substances.

His comments have rankled current competitors, but, as the Associated Press has pointed out, Armstrong was clearly referring to his time racing, not now.

According to the AP, Armstrong was asked point-blank if it was possible to win races without doping when he competed.

"That depends on which races you wanted to win. The Tour de France? No. Impossible to win without doping," Armstrong said. "Because the Tour is a test of endurance where oxygen is decisive."

Armstrong confirmed his intentions when asked to clarify by a reporter.

International Cycling Union president Pat McQuaid released a statement Friday dismissing Armstrong's comments.

"I can tell him categorically that he is wrong. His comments do absolutely nothing to help cycling," McQuaid said. "The culture within cycling has changed since the Armstrong era and it is now possible to race and win clean.

"Riders and teams owners have been forthright in saying that it is possible to win clean -- and I agree with them."

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