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Teen accused of breaking 6-month-old daughter's arms, leg

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- An 18-year-old Beaverton man was arrested Wednesday for abuse that left both of his infant daughter's arms and one of her legs broken, police said.

The 6-month-old girl was taken to a doctor earlier this month for examination of an arm injury and X-rays revealed a fracture consistent with child abuse, said Sgt. Jim Shumway of the Beaverton Police Department.

"As further examination and additional X-rays were completed it was determined that there were actually six fractures to the baby girl that were in various stages of healing," Shumway said. "The six fractures were found in both arms and one leg."

After the initial interviews with the girl's father, her 16-year-old mother and other family members, detectives were not sure what caused the injuries. A second interview with the father, Cesar Serrano Ramirez (pictured), revealed that he caused them, Shumway said.

Ramirez was jailed on charges of assault and criminal mistreatment.

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