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Teen shot over school-issued tablet: 'I thought they were kidding'

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Gilbert Castorena won’t be playing basketball anytime soon this summer.

There’s a dime-size hole in the 13-year-old’s foot after an encounter with a pair of robbers.

“I was frightened because they had a gun pointed at me,” Castorena said from his mother’s couch, where he was recuperating on Tuesday afternoon.

Castorena told KENS 5 he was walking back home hours after an argument with his mom when two men approached him with the gun and demanded the iPad-like device he was issued by Wheatley Middle School.

The boy gave up the tablet immediately, only to be peppered with questions about the passcode used to access the device.

Then, Castorena said, the robbers issued an ultimatum: The teen was given five seconds to get away.
“I thought they were kidding the first two seconds. Then they started staring me down. And then I ran,” he said.
Five shots rang out, apparently from a 9 mm pistol, and one of the bullets entered and exited the boy’s foot as he was sprinting away.
“I thought they were firing in the air to try to scare me. Afterwards, I felt the gunshot. It burns. I felt it and knew they were shooting at me,” Castorena said.
Doctors told his mother the bullet missed bones and critical tissues, and the foot will heal.
As for the stolen tablet, Castorena said it was never worth the pain or his life.
“It was a little tablet. Not really much. Just had like five games I had,” he said.
Police are looking for two men last seen on St. Martin and Arthur Streets with an electronic tablet and a gun.

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