New trend has little boys growing longer locks -

New trend has little boys growing longer locks

HOUSTON -- From Hollywood to Houston, there’s a new trend among parents with little boys -- long locks are in.

Just look to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s son, Celine Dion’s boy, or Sarah Jessica Parker’s kid:  their hair grazes their shoulders or flows down their back.

Once taboo, it’s now trendy.

There’s no denying Pablito Nossa, 2, is a cute little Houstonian. He’s a pretty boy, who, with his long long locks, could be maybe mistaken for a girl.

“A lot of moms will come up to me and tell me their jealous of his hair because they wish their little girls had this type of hair,” says Bitta Nossa, Pablito’s mom. “But not everyone’s as complimentary of long haired little boys.”

“Personally, I’d have the little boys hair cut when they’re 3 or 4 years old, something like that,” said one man we spoke to.

That’s putting it mildly. Online, people are lashing out at parents of long haired little boys -- criticizing them for “confusing” their kids.

“We personally feel from what we know of our son is that he enjoys having his hair this way,” says Nossa. “I think it’s part of his character.  It’s part of who he is. It’d feel different for him to have it any other way.”

So what about school dress code and older boys? Some public schools may take up issue with it, but many private schools will not.

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