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Burglar smashes into tattoo parlor, escapes with $2

HOUSTON—Surveillance video captured a thief using a rock to smash through the front door of a tattoo parlor Monday morning in Southwest Houston.

It happened at the Tap Out Tattoo parlor located on Richmond Avenue and Hillcroft.

The thief snatched the cash register, which contained $2 in quarters, but left a lot of damage behind.

“You just broke into my shop, and you only got quarters?”said Michael Wallace, the shop owner.

Wallace said the glass on the door alone costs hundreds of dollars and the stolen register won’t be cheap to replace.

“Two dollars? What are you going to do with $2? Buy yourself a sandwich?” said Ronald Stell, the shop manager.

Fortunately, the thief didn’t touch the parlor’s flat screen TVs, or any of its expensive equipment.

The owner said he plans to get metal bars to reinforce the door, and maybe even an attack dog to keep burglars out.

He asks anyone who recognizes the person in the video to call police.

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