Bizarre, disturbing antics of mail thief caught on video -

Bizarre, disturbing antics of mail thief caught on video

KINGWOOD, Texas—Invading a stranger’s mailbox and rifling through their packages is already disturbing enough, but one mail thief’s bizarre antics were captured on video Friday afternoon.

“She drove on my grass,” said Jason Jodway as he described the images recorded by surveillance camera at his home in a gated Kingwood subdivision.

“She walks to the front porch and starts opening our boxes,” he added.

The video shows the woman ripping open packages and trying on a pair of shoes. She then attempts to open the front door before driving away.

Minutes later, she was recorded near the front door of a neighbor’s house where she appeared to relieve herself.

People who live nearby said they were concerned.

“My reaction is I’m going to be more careful about watching stuff and picking up things near the door,” said Susan Hoeler.

So far, no one has been arrested.

Jodway hoped the woman would soon be behind bars.

“Help us catch this lady,” he pleaded.

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