News 4 investigates threatening letters and dirty debt collector -

News 4 investigates threatening letters and dirty debt collectors

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – A man posing as a debt collector is targeting locals with scams involving official-looking letters threatening arrest if they do not pay up

Jennifer West, a St. Peters resident, was baffled after receiving a letter in the mail from St. Louis Recovery Services.  The letter appeared to be accusing West of felony theft for writing a bad check.

The official-looking letter contained copies of checks that were not made out to her or even from her.

This was not the first time News 4’s Chris Nagus was asked about this debt collector crossing the line and threatening legal action.

Anthony James, if that is his real name, is the voice who answers the phone at St. Louis Recovery Services.

Trenay Kelly has also spoken with Mr. James, and is all too familiar with his letters.

“This letter has caused me a lot of stress,” said Kelly.

In her case, Kelly was sent a letter concerning a payday loan she took out in 2007.   Furthermore, a loan she claims she paid back in full.

Both women have been threatened with arrest which is something a debt collectors are not legally allowed to do.

Kelly supposedly owes the money to Mr. Payday, otherwise known as Mr. Patel.

News 4 visited Patel at his check cashing business earlier in June concerning this issue.

Upon arrival at his store located at Natural Bridge, Patel told News 4’s Chris Nagus he would not talk with a camera inside his store.

Patel won’t say who is behind St. Louis Recovery Services.

In Jennifer West’s case, the client is also listed as a payday lender.  What is even more interesting is that West’s fathers name is also listed on the letter.

West claims Mr. James has attempted to get money from her father.  However, he has not succeeded. 

James then responded by leaving West a voicemail concerning her dad.

“He is such a liar, is he mentally challenged or what.  Can you please explain that to me?”

Additionally, West claims James has resorted to extreme measures by threatening other relatives.

“He called my grandma threatened her with arrest, said that she could be arrested for hiding a felon, called my dad, called his neighbors.”

When Jennifer West called James back, he told her that he is now placing her father responsible for the alleged debt.  This is something James is also legally not allowed to do.

The only listed address News 4 can find for this debt collector is P.O Box 210671 at the Normandy Post Office.

If you know who is behind that P.O. Box or recognize Mr. James voice, email Chris Nagus.

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