Buildings sport gay pride colors in anticipation of Pride Fest i -

Buildings sport gay pride colors in anticipation of Pride Fest in St. Louis

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – St. Louis is joining the ranks of other big cities to support the LGBT community with new light treatments that is costing one alderman several thousand dollars.

The St. Louis Civil Courts building is sporting gay pride colors for the first time in a move to show support for the gay community for the upcoming Pride Fest.

The lights are visible from the river and out west although some questioned how the building’s light makeover was paid for.

On Monday, a St. Louis-based company plugged in 60 LED light fixtures onto the Civil Courts building and it was all courtesy of Dutchtown Alderman Shane Cohn.

He used $15,000 from a capital improvement fund that is given to him and other aldermen each year. The fund is made up of collected sales taxes. Individual aldermen decide on how they will spend their portion with approval from two city boards.

For this purchase, Cohn said a private company matched the amount in the fund.

Alderman Cohn made improvements to his own ward including using about $60,000 to plant new trees around the area in the spring.

Some people News 4’s Lauren Trager spoke with said they wished this purchase had been a bit more permanent.  “I am concerned about the money being spent on it since it’s only for one week. I think the money could have been used in a different way.”

Other say the long term benefits of being a tolerant and open city could be well worth it.

The display will be dismantled next Monday but Alderman Cohn believes this is also a study for the practicality and cost of LED lights on other public buildings.


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