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Oakville residents fight ash landfill, citing health concerns

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

(KMOV.com) -- Some residents are speaking out against plans for a new landfill that would house coal ash in south St. Louis County.

The coal-fired power plant in Oakville is operated by Ameren Missouri. Company officials say their emission levels are 75 percent below the limits established by the EPA.

Ameren currently disposes of the ash in special ponds on company property.

Environmental advocates say there have been few government studies on water and air quality near the coal plant, and fear floods could leach contaminates from the ponds into the water system.

Kathy McGinnis' grandchildren attend school less than a mile from Ameren's coal plant. She said the kids sometimes come home with coal ash streaked on their hands.

"We are really concerned about this," McGinnis said. "For my friend's health, my own health, my children's health."

In a statement, Ameren officials said they are still considering alternative options.

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