Mountain Lion captured in home video at Texas ranch -

Mountain Lion captured in home video at Texas ranch

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Some San Antonio families are forbidding their children to play in the back yard out of fear of a mountain lion.

One of the big cats was photographed lounging on the deck of one family. So what are wildlife officials doing about this?

KENS 5 has exclusive home video of the mountain lion that is still roaming San Antonio.

The Taylor family built a deck to enjoy the view but they didn't expect predators to crash the party.

Bryan Taylor's nanny recorded a mountain lion taking its sweet time napping and grooming before leaping over the family's fence 20 minutes later.

"It cleared a fence higher than this," described Bryan Taylor's nanny, Kandi.

The mountain lion was spotted in the Roger's Ranch neighborhood on Ivory Creek near 1604 on the city's north side.

Mountain lions are known to prey on deer, feral hogs, rabbits, and other small mammals. That has the Taylor family concerned after their cat Hanalei vanished and their dead dog had been unearthed from its grave in their yard.

"From head to tale a female can be 6 feet in length," explained Judit Green, spokeswoman for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

She added that a male can be up to 8 feet long. Texas Parks and Wildlife says its important to report aggressive mountain lion behavior.

It also stresses that since 1980 there have been only three attacks on people in Texas.

"We try to keep track of any mountain lion sightings around here and confirm them," added Green.

"They told me that if the animal is not injured they cannot come remove it from the property," said Kandi.

"I think anybody who lives near wilderness has a little bit of this risk right?" added Taylor.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials urge anyone with a sighting to call the department 688-6444.

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