Kindergartner accuses another student of repeated sexual assault -

Kindergartner accuses another student of repeated sexual assault

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) -- A 5-year-old child is accusing another child of the same age of repeated sexual assault inside a local school bathroom.

Parents called News 4 for help to expose what they say the River Roads Lutheran School has been too quiet about.

“I was devastated, I was in shock, I had him repeat it two-three times,” said mother Tamara Wilson.

Wilson’s five-year-old son came home from school last month and described another five-year-old performing oral sex on him. Wilson said they were unsupervised in a bathroom at the school in north St. Louis.

“He was having nightmares, waking up screaming in the middle of the night,” she said.

 Wilson said her son told her it wasn’t the first time and Wilson’s cousin, Channa Hyster, said the very same boy also assaulted her son back in September.

“I had already told them about this little boy and what he was doing to mine and my son told them,” said Hyster.

Over the phone, a spokesperson for the school did not have any knowledge of abuse on Hyster’s son.

But they have admitted to the more recent allegations, saying the incident between two students was “serious and troubling in nature.”

News 4 was told no one would be available for an interview. But in a statement officials say they acted quickly, all while protecting the privacy of the kids.

“We love and value each and every one of our students and we consider it a privilege to care for and educate them each day. Their safety, security and wellbeing are at the heart of every decision we make.

The incident that occurred between two students last month was serious and troubling in nature. From the moment we discovered it, we acted quickly, decisively and in the best interest of our students to investigate it, while also protecting the privacy rights of the children involved.  Those actions included notifying the necessary child welfare authorities and talking directly with the families of students who may have been affected by it.

The two children involved stopped attending our school soon after the incident occurred. However, we understand the difficulties they and their parents face in moving forward. We continue to pray for them and hope they find the peace and resolution they seek at this difficult time.”

But Wilson disagrees with the school’s response. Hyster too says it wasn’t right.

Both say they’re worried now---not only for their kids...for others here ...even for the little boy allegedly behind it all.

“It’s crazy, it really is, it’s crazy and it’s heartbreaking,” Hyster said.

Both parents said they want police and other authorities to do a full investigation into this school and what may have happened there. 

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