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False sense of security could make Wentzville residents easy victims

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) -- Wentzville Police say they are investigating ten possible vehicle break-ins and two burglaries that took place in the middle of the night.

Some of the victims are in the Stone Meadows neighborhood in south Wentzville, which is considered a safe neighborhood. Some say this may be giving people a false sense of security.

"People are just leaving their doors unlocked and their stuff and not thinking nothing would happen around here,” said neighbor, Jason Johnson.

Police say too many people are leaving garage doors open and cars unlocked which is making it easy for the bad guys who often steal a remote control from the car for easy access into the house.

“Lock your cars, lock your garage doors, and lock your door between your garage and your house when you go to bed at night,” said Major Paul West.

West said police are investigating two burglaries, both taking place while the homeowners were asleep at night. In both cases, the burglar got into the house through the garage.

Police have now stepped up patrols in the areas that have been hit. Officers who see open garage doors are checking them out and if it looks like there’s no problem, they are hanging “night eyes” place cards on the door knobs. Officers handed out 15 over the last weekend.

"It's kind of a gentle reminder, hey, lock your stuff up," Major West said.

Johnson said about a month ago, a neighborhood boy chased his ball down a storm drain outside his home and found it to be filled with stolen purses and wallets.

“I saw 'em pull it out...everything was still there, keys, wallets, all information, they just took the cash and ran, that was it,” said Johnson.

Police say burglars are bold enough to open the garage door and go right into the homes to steal purses, wallets, and whatever they can get a hold of.

Wentzville Police are asking anyone with information to call and talk with a detective. 

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