Dog attacked in Florissant, sparks leash law debate -

Dog attacked in Florissant, sparks leash law debate

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele
By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele
By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- A beloved dog was attacked and nearly killed while on a walk with its owner on a St. Louis County sidewalk Friday morning.

The dog that attacked it was allowed to roam free, off of a leash.

News 4 was there as 8-year-old Pupper’s owner saw the full extent of her precious pet’s injuries as dozens of stitches and staples now closed puncture wounds in Pupper’s groin and neck areas, all because of another dog that attacked.

“She was covered with blood from head to toe,” said Pupper’s owner Elaine Crawford.

Crawford was just walking Pupper in their Florissant neighborhood and a man across the street was jogging with his two dogs in tow, but neither dog was on a leash.

Drew Hale with Animal Control said St. Louis County does not enforce a leash law.

Hale said Animal Control takes leash laws seriously but they can’t comment on this open case. But so far this year, they’ve issued about 150 citations for dogs running loose and fines start at $25 and go up.

“They have been in place quite a while and seem to do quite a good job,” Hale said.

But Crawford thinks the penalties should be tougher to deter people from taking pets off their leashes.

She said the dog that attacked Pupper is a danger to the community and the owner should have had him on a leash.

“He knew that really wasn’t right,” Crawford said.

Crawford just wants to make sure someone else’s pet, or even a child, ends up hurt like Pupper.

The owner of the dog that attack Pupper said he did know about the leash law, but intentionally let go of the dogs’ leashes anyhow.

He also said he wished he could take back the attack and promises to pay for all of Pupper’s medical bills.

Stay with News 4 and for further information. 

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