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Local family seeks justice after daughter killed in random shooting

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) – A woman was shot and killed Wednesday morning while sitting on her front porch in north St. Louis.

According to police, 20-year-old Carmen Watson was with two others in the front yard of a home in the 1100 block of Aubert around 2:30 a.m. when an unknown suspect started firing shots at them from a nearby gangway.

Detectives tell News 4 this girl had no connection to anyone or anything that could lead to this level of violence.

Watson died in front of her friend and grandfather on a couch in her living room. Her mother told News 4 that she is ready to forgive whoever shot her daughter but she wants the gunman to come forward.

“I just want to know why you would take my baby from me,” said Patricia Lee, Watson’s mother. “You see how I'm suffering so I want them to see me on the news and see how I'm suffering that was my child you took from me.”  Lee is still reeling from the loss of her only daughter.

Watson was waiting for a ride while sitting on the front porch of her north St. Louis home when she was shot.

She was shot in the stomach and shoulder. Her grandpa and neighbor brought her bloody body inside as they fought to save her.

“She turned toward me, looked at me and dropped a tear and dropped her arm and I knew then she was gone,” said Melvin Watson, the victim’s grandfather.

Investigators are still working to get leads and identify the shooter. In the meantime, the family is asking for the person responsible to do the right thing.

“I forgive them. I do, I'm going to forgive whoever it is I just want them to come forward,” said Lee.

The case stands out because unlike other shootings in the north St. Louis area, this one appears to be truly random.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 866-371-TIPS

The family has set up a fund to help for funeral expenses. Donations can be made via mail or in person at the Ronald L. Jones Mortuary which is located at 2161 East Fair Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63107. For more information about the fund please call (314)383-2332.

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