Arnold grade school learns of leaning nearby cell tower days lat -

Arnold grade school learns of leaning nearby cell tower days later

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) --  How does a 160 foot tall cell phone tower near a grade school just start leaning?

News 4 worked to learn the answer to that question and why the school district in Arnold didn’t know about the problem until a day later.

The tower is at Lone Dell Elementary school, south of Highway 141 and about 20 miles south of St. Louis.

Even though the tower is on the property owned by the Fox School District, it is owned, maintained and inspected by U.S. Cellular, but the cell phone company has refused to answer questions about the situation.

Some residents claim the cell phone tower has been leaning for months, but it wasn't until a routine inspection on Tuesday, that anyone knew what, if anything was wrong with it.  The tower is on property owned by the Fox School District, and is close to Lone Dell Elementary.

According to District Superintendent Dianne Critchlow, inspectors said there were bolts loose or missing in the upper part of the tower.

The tower is owned and maintained by U.S. Cellular, which pays the district nearly $17,000 a year to have it there.

“I emailed the gentleman from U.S. Cellular and said I wanted to know a full disclosure on what happened to that tower and he said that wouldn't be a problem, but we haven't received that yet,” said Critchlow.

Lone Dell is closed for the rest of the week, so the students were moved to a large building near district offices.

The superintendent says the cell tower should be repaired Friday. Students at Lone Dell Elementary will be back in their classrooms on Monday.

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