Officials: City of Pevely paid mayor's wife's cell phone bill fo -

Officials: City of Pevely paid mayor's wife's cell phone bill for 10 years

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

(KMOV) -- The mayor of Pevely is under fire after it was recently discovered the city has been paying his wife’s cell phone bill for the past 10 years.

The discrepancy was noticed after the state recently audited Pevely City Hall and couldn’t find any receipts for Mayor John Knobloch’s cell phone bills.

Officials say Knobloch initially refused to turn them over, citing invasion of privacy. He eventually gave three bills to the Pevely Board of Aldermen.

Knobloch said when the board of alderman initially approved to pay his cell phone ten years ago, he was told there were no strings attached. But city hall officials say paying a spouse’s bill is not a common or approved practice.

Officials say over the 10-year period Knobloch would tell city hall officials the amount of the bill. City hall would then send a check to Verizon.

The amount of Knobloch’s wife’s bills is estimated to be more than $1,400, but may be more.

Pevely city officials are determining whether the money will have to be reimbursed.

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