Perryville taxidermist works to repay customers for work not com -

Perryville taxidermist works to repay customers for work not completed

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV)—Eric Smith used to run a Perryville taxidermy shop but after facing criminal charges connected to missing deposits, he voluntarily shut down the business.

Smith was recently acquitted in the criminal case.

“I was very relieved with the verdict because now my family and I can move on,” said Smith.

Customers like Kathy Adams are still upset after he paid Smith nearly $2,000 to preserve Snowball. For mouths, she’s been wondering what happened to her dead Westie.

Mystery solved. Smith said Snowball is still on ice. He said Adams can have the dog back and take it to another taxidermist if she chooses.

Smith said he will be in contact with the people to get their money back to them. He said he simply got behind; too many animals and not enough time.

All of the animals that were seized during the investigation were in the process of being preserved.

Last weekend, Smith took to Facebook to make amends.

“I never wanted to steal from people I was behind I admit that and I want to get people their money back,” said Smith.

He has been trying to reach Adams via Facebook but hasn’t heard back.  Adams said she hasn’t heard from him but definitely wants to take him up on the offer of getting her money back. She’s still not sure what to do with Snowball. 

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