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Bus driver fired for forcing young Collinsville students to walk home

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) -- Collinsville parents are upset after they say a bus driver on Monday forced some students to walk home on busy five-lane road, stranding some students on the bus for almost an hour.

The incident started at Doris Intermediate School and ended at the busy intersection of Keebler and Beltline where students say the bus driver pulled over because he said they were too rowdy.

A 10-year-old student, Kayla Lankford recalled the incident saying, “You call your parents or you can walk home. And some kids were saying, ‘Cowboy, just let me walk home.’ And he opened the door and just pointed, go. “

Some of the kids walked along a stretch of Beltline while some were stuck on the bus for almost an hour.

Lankford was lucky enough to borrow a friend’s cell phone and called her mom to come get her.

“The thing that bothered me, even more, I think, is he didn’t ask for a last name, he didn’t ask for identification, he just sent her with me off the bus,” Kayla’s mother, Jennifer said.

Parents were irate after hearing of the news.

“That’s borderline kidnapping, child endangerment. I mean, I would think they’re going to be lucky if they don’t get sued,” said Andrea Agles.

“I trust y’all with my precious cargo and that was not the case,” added Toi Hansome.

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The Collinsville School District said it received complaints and told News 4 it requested that First Student remove the bus driver from their routes. First Student confirmed the driver has since been fired.

“The safety and security of the students we transport to and from school each day is our core value,” the company said in a statement released Wednesday morning. “We take incidents such as this one very seriously. The driver involved is no longer employed by First Student.

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