World Series Game 5 reaction -

World Series Game 5 reaction

Mike Matheny, Cardinals Manager
"You know, it came down to a big hit. They got the big hit when they needed it and we couldn't put much together. Matty Holly (Holliday) got us going with the big home run, had a couple of hard-hit balls after that. Just couldn't stack them on top of each other, get many guys to jam up the bases."

John Farrell, Red Sox Manager
"We talked before the game. We felt like this was going to be a classic pitchers duel. It was shaping up that way. And fortunately we were able to break through in that seventh inning. But John Lester was outstanding here tonight."

Jon Lester, Red Sox Winning Pitcher
"I mean yeah, anytime you give up a homer you want that pitch back, regardless of the situation, but you know, they guy next to be did a good job of keeping me calm, keeping me in the game."

John Farrell, Red Sox Manager
"Provided we win one more, you know, the fact is we're going home, going back to a place that our guys love to play in, in front of our fans, this atmosphere here, these three games have been phenomenal. We know it's going to be equal to that, if not better. And we're excited about going home in the position we are."

Jon Lester, Red Sox Winning Pitcher 
"You show up February first, you play 162, we're at probably 180 I think now, total, comes down to one game. Pretty special time. We just gotta go out, keep playing baseball the way we've been doing all year."

David Ortiz, Red Sox First Baseman
"I will call this a tough spot when you get to 3-2 because you're close to being World Series champ but that's the biggest challenge. So you gotta come back on Wednesday and you know, continue playing the way we have."

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