Board: Taxpayers, residents, parents at fault for Normandy budge -

Board: Taxpayers, residents, parents at fault for Normandy budget woes

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – A Normandy School District board member admitted to parents Monday night that the people in charge, including him, are to blame for the district-wide cuts and closures.

When asked if the taxpayers are at fault as well, Terry Artis said “Absolutely, the blame lies with us. We vote. We’re the ones who put people into the governing decisions. If they’re governing poorly and we don’t do anything about it, then that’s our fault.”

In a forced decision, Normandy cut more than 100 staff positions on Thursday. 

 A mother was brought to tears during the non-school sponsored meeting with parents and taxpayers Monday night. She asked how the kids can get an education when the district has no cash.

The unaccredited district also said it won’t make payments on student transfer or tuition.

 “It really hurts because I go a parent-teacher conference and my teacher cries because she’s on the verge of losing her job,” said Nakeisha Jones.

Another parent, Terry Gannon said, “When you have to lay off teachers and close schools, you know, it just makes it harder for our district to get back on their feet. Something's got to give. Something's got to give."

These parents and taxpayers were concerned about what’s to come. "If they do like we did with Wellston, if they take us in, we're going to bring down their numbers. Its domino effect,” said Gannon.

One parent brought a letter that went home to families late last week. It spelled out the cuts the district is making besides closing a school and cutting hundreds of teaching jobs, which also included not filling vacancies.

There is also a possibility of outsourcing transportation.

News 4 will continue to update as the district releases more information on this developing story. 

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