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Wife of murdered man takes out billboard to find killers

HOUSTON – The family of John Martinez is hoping a new billboard will bring clues to help detectives find the people who murdered him one year ago this month.

“It’s been the most difficult year of our lives,” said Martinez’s wife, Norma. “He didn’t deserve this, we didn’t deserve this, and my children shouldn’t be without a father right now.”

On Oct. 13, 2012, three men shot Martinez outside of his home on Ashburn Street near Hobby Airport; they took his wallet, cell phone and his life.

Norma Martinez said their own son discovered his body.

“I really strongly believe that they were trying to come in the house. My husband stopped them, and I tell my children, he’s our hero,” she said.

The Martinez family has placed a billboard along I-45 advertising a $5,000 Crime Stoppers reward for any information leading to the arrest of his killers.

“I don’t want them doing this to someone else,” she said.

Detectives believe the same people may have already killed another victim. Criss Knight, 50, was murdered 28 days after Martinez. He was shot using the very same gun.

Witnesses saw Knight’s killers leaving in a black colored pickup; a security camera captured an image of it driving off. It’s one of a few leads in a case that both the Knight and Martinez families want to keep far from cold.

“I just want justice,” said she said. “I promised my children that I would bring justice to our family and to my husband.

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