Mathenys decision to take out Lynn and go with Maness backfires -

Mathenys decision to take out Lynn and go with Maness backfires

 (BaseballStL)  -- Sometimes managers in baseball just can’t win.  When their decisions work out, they’re a genius.  When the decisions they make don’t work, the fan base wants them fired. 

They just can’t win. 

Well, in the 6th inning of Game 4 of the World Series Mike Matheny elected to take out starting pitcher Lance Lynn with two outs and go with reliever Seth Maness.  The first batter Maness sees is Jonny Gomes, who drilled a pitch into the left field bullpen. 

That 3-run home run proved to be the decisive point in the 4-2 Cardinals loss.

“It’s hard to say. It happened in the regular season some, too. A guy like me, I can’t pitch up in the zone. I’ve got to stay down,” Maness said. “I was ready to come in and face him and prepared, just missed spot.”   

So, why did Matheny choose to go with Maness there over Lynn?

“Well, with Seth he’s been a guy who’s been able to help us out and do an incredible job in that situation all season long,” Maness said.  “He’s been able to come in and get the big out when we needed it, and we wanted to give him a shot. And it just didn’t work out tonight.”

“Well, yeah. I’m not happy coming out of a game ever. That’s just part of being a competitor. If you want out of the game, you shouldn’t be out there ever. That’s just my opinion,” Lynn said.

Managers get too much credit when things go well and they take too much blame when things go wrong.  In this instance, things went wrong.

And Matheny is getting second guess because of it.

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