St. Louis police continue crackdown on fake World Series tickets -

St. Louis police continue crackdown on fake World Series tickets

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- Police continue to warn Cardinals fans about purchasing fake tickets for Game 5 of the World Series as several arrests have been made over counterfeits outside Busch Stadium in the past few days.

Police say five arrests were made Sunday evening for counterfeit tickets before Game 4. Three fake tickets were seized from fans. 

St. Louis Police reported around 80 counterfeit tickets were seized during the Cardinals' Game 3. According to police, one person was arrested for selling counterfeit tickets. Police say two arrests were also made for selling counterfeit hats.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is seeking information on the pictured suspects. The suspects sold counterfeit tickets to two Cardinals fans in separate incidents Saturday afternoon. 

Cardinals Director of Public Services Ron Watermon said fans should be careful when purchasing tickets on secondary markets and to only purchase from a trusted source.

Authorities are  seeking information on the identification of both suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call 444-5627.


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