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3 Worst candies for your child's teeth

HOUSTON—When it comes to candy, some varieties do a lot less damage to your child’s teeth than others, according to a local dentist.

Dr. Rachel Perry, D.D.S of South Texas Dental named the three worst and best candies when it comes to cavities.

She said the worst candy is Sour Patch Kids. Dr. Perry said the sour component in the treat upsets the PH balance in the mouth.

“It creates an acidic environment in your mouth and then that breaks down the enamel in your teeth,” Dr. Perry said.

Second worst is Laffy Taffy, she said, and third worst is Sugar Babies—both for the same reason. They stick sugar onto your teeth like glue.

Dr. Perry said the best candies for avoiding tooth decay are:

No.1 — Sugar-Free Life Savers.

“Because they don’t have the sugar content and you are producing saliva to help neutralize your acid,” she said.

No. 2 -- Hershey bars.

No. 3 -- Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.

“It’s going to dissolve quickly,” Dr. Perry said.

Since chocolate melts, it does not linger in the mouth as long as other candies and the less time candy spends in your mouth, the less damage it does, she said.

It is always best to brush after eating candy, Dr. Perry said. But if you cannot brush, chew sugar-free gum. It cleans debris off teeth and stimulates the salivary glands. Saliva helps wash and protect teeth, she said.

You can also drink some water, which washes away some of the sugar, Dr. Perry said.


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