It's natural for Mizzou fans to expect to have their hearts brok -

It's natural for Mizzou fans to expect to have their hearts broken, again

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Is the 7-0 start just a tease? By Jamie Squire Is the 7-0 start just a tease? By Jamie Squire

(Missouri Football App) – Even though Mizzou comes into the matchup with South Carolina in excellent position in the standings, Tiger fans have that feeling in their gut.

That feeling; you know, the feeling that is natural for every Missouri fan to have. The feeling that this good start to the season is too good to be true, the feeling that the other shoe will drop, or that the music will stop and the Tigers will be left without a chair.

Every Mizzou backer knows what I am talking about.  The ESPN College Football Encyclopedia opens its entry on Missouri by stating: “There is a certain implied cynicism in a population that calls its home the ‘Show Me State.’ Given the history of Missouri Tigers football, where heartache has been a persistent theme, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.” The authors later write that asking a Mizzou fan to pick the program’s biggest heartbreak is “akin to picking your favorite kick in the groin.”

Even casual fans remember, or can name seasons or moments that make the list; the fifth down, flea kicker, a loss to KU in 1960 that cost Mizzou a shot at a national title that the Jayhawks later had to forfeit, losing to Oklahoma with a birth in the BCS Title game on the line, etc.

Some might say this year appears to be different. The Tigers have faced top teams in the SEC East at the right time. Georgia was missing many of its big weapons; Florida was without its starting quarterback and running back; South Carolina will be missing standout QB Connor Shaw (whether that will be a factor in the outcome of Saturday’s game remains to be seen).

Not only did Gary Pinkel’s squad beat Florida last weekend but it also received help from Vanderbilt and Tennessee who used late rallies to upset Georgia and Florida respectively. All three results gave Mizzou somewhat of a cushion in the SEC East Standings.

Despite all of the positive developments, Mizzou lost QB James Franklin to a shoulder injury.  This is typical Mizzou luck; the team wins big games but loses its most important playmaker. 

A win over South Carolina will help erase some of that old sinking feeling, but not eliminate it completely.

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