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Rams Insider: Rams offense braces for Seahawks D.

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(FootballSTL) -- When the Rams lost Sam Bradford to a season ending knee injury, the offense lost their undisputed leader. Kellen Clemens now takes over the reins for the Rams final 9 games of the season.  When looking closely at the numbers, the Rams offense has their hands full with one of the NFL’s best defenses in Seattle on Monday night.

Rams Offense

18th - Scoring Offense

30th- Total Offense

29th- Rushing Offense

30th- Yards Per Carry


Seattle Defense

2nd Total Defense

2nd Passing Defense

2nd Yards Per Attempt

3rd Scoring Defense


Rams Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer discussed some thoughts this week on the Rams offense.

(On if he has to change the offensive approach to the game with a different starting quarterback)

“No. I think that’s the value of having a guy like (QB) Kellen (Clemens). He obviously knows the system very, very well. He’s a pro. He’s prepared. He prepares himself every week to be the guy. The game plan’s going to be specific to the Seahawks. They certainly present a lot of problems in a lot of ways. They’re a really good group. But, no we’re not changing what we’re doing. We’re just going to keep going and game plan them, and again go out and try to execute against a really good group.”

(On Clemens’ personality and what he expects to see from him on Monday night)

“As a person, he’s top notch, just a great guy, real easy-go-lucky. Again, he’s here early, stays late, works. He was great for (QB) Sam (Bradford) in the preparation part of it. It’s been kind of fun to watch Sam repay the favor now to Kellen. He’s doing some of the projects and stuff that Kellen did for him. So, that’s been fun to see. He’s going to give us everything he’s got. He’s going to be prepared. He knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t have to go out there and win the game by himself. He’ll make plays. He does a good job just understanding what we’re trying to do. When things break down he’s got some athleticism, so that’s a good thing.”

(On if he was surprised to see Bradford with the team this soon after his injury)

“No, not at all. That comes with being a leader. If anything, I’m thrilled with his approach. His development doesn’t stop. Obviously, the stuff on the field certainly is limited, but his development doesn’t stop. There’s a thousand things that he can do. He and I have discussed some of those things, and he’s excited about that. Part of being a leader and being a captain is to be out here and to help your teammates. And again, he owes a lot to Kellen for what Kellen did for him and he wants to repay the favor.”


(On playing the top three ranked defenses over the last three weeks)

“I’ll tell you what; it’s what you deal with in this league. Even the ones that are down there at 31, 32, they’re pretty good. Obviously, we know these guys. They are clearly one of the best defenses in the league. Excellent front seven. They went out and spent a lot of money on extra pass rushers. (DE Michael) Bennett’s playing at a real high level to go along with (DE Chris) Clemons and those guys. They’ve got (DE) Red Bryant, (DT Brandon) Mebane, you go down the list. (LB Bruce) Irvin’s playing more, and then the secondary is probably the best in football. You go out there and we’ve got a good plan I think. Guys have been working hard in practice and we’ll see what happens Monday night.”

(On what makes Seattle’s secondary the best in football)

“It starts, obviously, with the fact that they play all that press man-to-man on the outside. So, they’re trying to limit your ability to get off the line of scrimmage, trying to slow you down because they know they’ve got good pass rushers. Obviously, Kam Chancellor’s one of the best box safeties in the league. He’s like basically having an extra linebacker in the game, but yet he can play coverage. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better free safety than Earl Thomas – instinctive, makes plays. I think it starts, obviously, with their ability and skill set, but then it goes to the fact that they play their scheme to the fact of the way they’re built. They put those guys up, they’re press man-to-man, and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to challenge you at the line of scrimmage, let our pass rush try to get to you, then let Kam play down in the box and Earl roam free in the backend.’”


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